Nicolas riquette

Visual Artist

Visual artist based in Brussels

making sculptures, installations, images ...

passionate about the exhibition space

questioning the context of exhibition, its codes, its rules, its nonsenses …

« Incipit – Solo Show Nicolas Riquette » is coming soon …


Nicolas Riquette is a Belgian artist, born in Namur in 1988. He lives and works in Brussels.

Bruxelles-Ecole Supérieure des Arts in 2015 with a master's degree in plastic, visual and spatial arts, with a major in sculpture. He is developing a plastic universe intrinsically linked to the notion of space. Winner of the Laurent Moonens Prize 2015, Nicolas Riquette will deepen his reflection during his nine-month residency in the house of the Moonens Foundation. While working individually and participating in group exhibitions, Nicolas Riquette then devoted himself to the development of a collaborative work with the visual artist Claire Ducène, entitled "Endless House". Between 2016 and 2020, the Collective will hold several exhibitions in Brussels, notably at the Hectolitre and Maison Pelgrims, and elsewhere, including the Sart Tilman site in Liège. In the summer of 2021, the Moonens Foundation will once again welcome Nicolas Riquette for a three-month residency, at the end of which the project "Incipit - Solo show Nicolas Riquette" will be unveiled. Incipit" will be the starting point of a practice combining sculptures, installations, furnishings and images from his own universe.

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Nicolas Riquette's plastic preoccupations revolve around notions linked to the exhibition context. Very often, this context is more important than the object itself. Whether it is an image, an object or a large-scale installation, the real purpose lies in the relationship with the viewer. In concrete terms, Nicolas Riquette's works question the concepts of "frame", "base", and more broadly "scenography". His drawings take on the appearance of plans, sketches or exhibition views. His objects evoke unstructured frames or plinths, architectural models, unfinished clay models or structures halfway between furniture and buildings. His installations are conceived as drawings in space and often made without any prior plan. Sketches of labyrinthine architectures, somewhere between a building site and a ruin, they come to life when visitors walk through them. Above all, they underline the act of building. For Nicolas Riquette, every architectural structure is a metaphor for a structure of thoughts.

Intimately linked to the exhibition space, the artist's works are created according to a precise location. Nicolas Riquette draws on the codes of shapes, colours and materials of the host venue to generate "forms" that function both individually and within the exhibition as a whole.

From objects that are actually tangible or visible only in photographs, to drawings revealing objects that no longer exist or do not yet exist, to videos showing objects hidden in the large installations, to works made with the creations of other artists, Nicolas Riquette's works interact and often end up merging with each other. The question underlying the whole reflection is linked to the influence that the "context" can have on the final appearance of an object qualified as a "work of art".



Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles – Ecole Supérieure des Arts

2015 : Master en arts plastiques, visuels et de l’espace dans l’option sculpture

Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, Namur

2011 : Diplômé du Régendat en Arts Plastiques

Université Namur

2006-2008 : Baccalauréat en sciences biologiques

Institut Sainte-Marie, Jambes

2006 : Certificat d’Etudes Secondaires Supérieures (humanités scientifiques)


« Prix d’excellence de la ville de Bruxelles 2015 »

« Prix Laurent Moonens 2015 » – 1 year residency


moonens.com - Concours

Godecharle residency 2015


InterNatura 2015



  • 2020
    • « Prix de la Jeune Sculpture de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles », Endless House Collective, Sart Tilman (Campus ULG), Liège
  • 2019
    • « Endless House VII_Unreal Houses », Endless House Collective, Maison Pelgrims, Saint-Gilles
    • « From me my shadow », group show, collaboration with Emilie Terlinden & Kunbo Meng, Moonens Foundation, Brussells
    • « Shifting foundations », group show curated by Stephanie Roland, Hectolitre, Brussels
  • 2017
    • « Molière Project : 3rd edition », group show, Lycée Molière, Brussels
    • « Radieuse », group show curated by Emmanuel Lambion & Frédéric de Goldschmidt, Quai du Commerce, Brussels
  • 2016
    • « L’Improbable », group show with Caroline Purgal & David Mauquoy, Kulturanivl - Maison des Artistes de Nivelles, Nivelles
    • « The BLOOM Experiment », Endless House Collective, Bloom Hôtel, Brussels
    • « Current State of Affairs », group show (end of residency), Moonens Foundation, Brussels
    • « ad libitum », collaboration with Caroline Purgal, Espace Flux Gallery, Liège
    • « Endless House », Endless House Collective, Moonens Foundation, Brussels
    • « ille », artistic performance with Caroline Purgal, Mappa Mundo, Brussels
    • « Carte de Visite », group show, Brussels
    • « Interfaces », group show, Passerelle Gallery, Brussels
  • 2015
    • « Carte Blanche », group show, Tamat, Tournai
    • « InterNatura 2015 », group show, Isola Comacina (Lake of Come, Italy)
    • « Toujours plus à l’ouest … » students show ARBA-ESA, Ath
    • « Godecharle » group show (end of residency), ARBA-ESA, Brussels
    • « Comm’Elles » : group show, Espace Flux Gallery, Liège
  • 2014
    • « Plus à l’ouest …» : students show ARBA-ESA, Brussels
    • « Excarnation » : group show (with Caroline Purgal, Clara Farhat & Aurel Quiros Miramontes), Carthago Delenda Est, Anderlecht
    • « L’Expédition Nocturne de la Rêverie Collective » group show, artistic performance « 703 H2 F1 » with Caroline Purgal & Aurel Quiros Miramontes, Brussels
  • 2013
    • « Dès-orientés », group show, artistic performance « 703 H2 F1 » with Caroline Purgal & Aurel Quiros Miramontes, ISELP, Brussels


Co-founder of the Endless House Collective, Nicolas Riquette has been working since 2016 with Claire Ducène to develop a project that has already seen several incarnations in various places charged with history.

Nicolas Riquette has also participated in several collective projects.

Nicolas Riquette's first large-scale solo exhibition, "Incipit - Solo Show Nicolas Riquette, which will open on Saturday 28 August 2021, will mark the beginning of his personal visual career.